The ocean

The ocean is vast and far reaching, yet subtle and fragile.

As a diver I see first-hand the effect human life has on the ocean. From plastic pollution, diminishing levels of marine life, algae growth, destroyed habitats and coral bleaching, it’s clear the ocean is choking under the strain of the population it supports.

Without the ocean, there is no life on earth.

As an ocean ambassador, I try to do my best to help protect the ocean. This includes avoiding single use plastic, choosing products which do not harm the ocean (such as sea-safe sunscreen), practicing good buoyancy skills, giving marine life space, being a ‘no-take’ diver and taking rubbish from the sea floor when it is possible and safe to do so. I like to dive with divers who share the same values.


Marine life I love to photograph because of its beauty, colours or unusual behaviour.

Sharks and Rays
Turtles and Dolphins
Octopus (I love Octopus!)

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